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Coffee Machine Support

Find Dualit's FAQ's and troubleshooting guides for your coffee machine.


Espresso Coffee Machine Support

Question:. Should the filter handle go past the padlock symbol when you tighten?. Answer:. Twist the filter holder as far as it will go to ensure that it is locked in nice & tight. It is normal for the filter holder to go past the padlock symbol to g

Espress-Auto Coffee and Tea Machine Support

Question:. No coffee flowing from brewhead. Answer:. The Tamp Test. Dispense water through the brewhead with the cup filter in place. Ensure NO coffee is in the filter. If you see no water after 7 seconds STOP the test. No water - Water tank is not c

EcoPress™ Aluminium Capsule Recycler Support

Question:. Can the EcoPress be used for all types of coffee capsule?. Answer:. No. The EcoPress can only be used with aluminium coffee capsules compatible with the Nespresso® domestic 'drop through' machine system. Question:. Why do you have to clean

Café Plus Capsule Machine Support

Question:. How do you adjust the amount of water dispensed?. Answer:. The limit for adjustment on both espresso and lungo programmes on Café Plus is 130ml. Question:. What temperature should my coffee be?. Answer:. The temperature is tested as it exi

Burr Coffee Grinder Support

Question:. How do I clean the grinding gear in my coffee grinder?. Answer:. A soft-bristle brush is ideal for cleaning the grinding gear. Disconnect the mains plug from the socket outlet. Remove any remaining beans in the bean container and take it o

3 in 1 Coffee Machine Support

Question:. How big a size of cup can I fit under the machine?. Answer:. Maximum mug height for 3 in 1 is 9cm and this is very slightly tilting. Question:. Can I put the filter holder/handle in the dishwasher?. Answer:. No. The filter handle is made o

Milk Frother Support

Hints & Tips. 1. Use cold semi-skimmed or UHT milk for best results. The milk frother works best with milk that has a high protein level. Full fat milk will not froth well (fat content >3.0%). Remember different milks froth at different rates. 2. Aft

Bean to Go Machine Support

Question:. The first cup of coffee is poor quality. Answer:. The appliance may not have dispensed enough coffee powder into the Infuser. Discard this coffee, all other coffees will be of good quality. Question:. My coffee is weak. Answer:. The volume

Cino™ Milk Steamer Support

Question:. My machine is making a loud whistling noise whilst pre-heating. Answer:. The machine is pumping water through the system at high pressure. This is normal operation. Question:. After frothing milk, my milk is not foamy. Answer:. 1. Your mil

Coffee Percolator Support

Question:. Can I replace the knob on my coffee percolator?. Answer:. Yes, replacement knob assemblies are available for the Dualit coffee percolator. Replacement knob assemblies are available for the Dualit coffee percolator. Please contact Dualit Cu

Espressivo Coffee Machine Support

Question:. There is no steam flowing through the steam wand. Answer:. 1. The water tank is not seated correctly in position. Firmly push the water tank down and check the tank is seated on the base with no gap. 2. The steam wand is blocked. Clean the

Piccolina Coffee Machine Support

Question:. What do I do if no coffee is brewed?. Answer:. The water is empty, the indicator light is on red. Fill the tank with fresh water. Make sure the tank is correctly positioned. You should see bubbles in the water rising to the top. Press the