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Milk Frother SupportUpdated a year ago

Hints & Tips

1. Use cold semi-skimmed or UHT milk for best results. 

The milk frother works best with milk that has a high protein level. 

Full fat milk will not froth well (fat content >3.0%). Remember different milks froth at different rates.

2. After frothing or heating allow approximately 2 minutes for the thermostat to reset and the milk frother to be ready for use again. 

To shorten this time, rinse with cold water and wipe dry after each use

3. The milk frother is designed to heat and froth milk. Do not add flavourings, coffee granules or hot chocolate powder.

4. Use frothed milk for making cappuccino, latte macchiato, instant frothy coffee.

5. Use heated milk for making caffé latte, hot chocolate, instant milky coffee.

6. Use cold frothed milk for making milkshakes.

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