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Cino™ Milk Steamer SupportUpdated a year ago


My machine is making a loud whistling noise whilst pre-heating


The machine is pumping water through the system at high pressure. This is normal operation.


After frothing milk, my milk is not foamy


1. Your milk is not cold or fresh enough. 

It is easier to make froth using fresh, cold semi-skimmed milk.

2. The Steam Wand is blocked with milk residue.

Clean Steam Wand and Nozzle and descale machine (see page 12-15). If you are unable to unblock your Steam Wand then contact Dualit on 01293 652500 for advice or spare parts.


My milk is burning.


Reduce steam flow, rotate Steam Valve clockwise between the steam and off position (see page 10-11) or steam for a shorter period.


No steam or reduced steam is flowing from the steam wand


1. Steam wand is blocked with milk residue. 

Clean steam wand and nozzle and descale machine (see page 12-15). 

If you are unable to unblock your steam wand then contact Dualit on 01293 652500 for advice or spare parts.

2. The machine has been turned on with the steam valve left open. 

Close the steam valve and open again to steam.

3. The machine has not been descaled in the recommended time. 

The Indicator Light has illuminated RED. The machine has entered Lock Mode. 

Complete Descale procedure. (See Page 12-15).


Unsure what the indicator light colour means


RED and AMBER illumination: (Flashing):

 Low water level Indicator. Add a minimum of 500ml to the Water Filter Holder.

 The Water Tank is not correctly seated into position. 

Press firmly on the Water Tank to locate. The Water Tank will sit flush with the top surface of the machine when the Water Tank is fitted correctly.


GREEN illumination: (Flashing / Solid):

Machine is warming up to operating temperature. 

Once Green illumination is solid, the machine is ready to use.


AMBER illumination: (Flashing / Solid)

Descale required and machine is warming up to operating temperature. 

Recommended to carry out descale procedure soon otherwise the machine will shortly enter Lock Mode. (See Page 12-15).


RED illumination: (Flashing / Solid):

Lock Mode. Complete Descale procedure. (See Page 12-15).


RED illumination: (Quick flash):

Machine is in Descale Mode, to exit, press the Descale Button for 5 seconds.


Drip tray filling too quickly


Each time the Steam Valve is closed, Steam and Water is purged through the machine and expels from out of the Outlet. 

This is to increase the machines life.

This is normal operation.


Steam speed is too high


Steam Valve is fully open.

Turn the Steam Valve clockwise to reduce the flow.


I have run out of Dualit water filters


To purchase more Dualit Water Filters visit our website on www.dualit.com/waterfilters or Contact Dualit on 01293 652500.


My machine is not working – the lights are off and the machine ceases to operate.


1. Machine not plugged in. 

Ensure the machine's plug is connected to the socket, and socket switch turned on.

2. Fuse may have failed. 

Check and replace fuse. 

Contact the Dualit customer helpline on 01293 652500.

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