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Delivery & Returns

Information about our shipping, delivery and returns policies.

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Product Guarantees

Want to know more about product troubleshooting or guarantees? Read our handy guide that covers everything you’ll need to know.

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Find out how to service your Classic Toaster.

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Product Notices

There are currently no product notices or safety recalls for Dualit products.

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Be Aware

Read our guides to electrical safety and how to stay safe in your home.

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Buyer Guides

Read our helpful guides on how to buy the best products.

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Find all Dualit's FAQ's and troubleshooting for your product.

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Find the spare needed to bring a new lease of life to your Dualit product.

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Instruction Manuals

Read and download our instruction manuals.

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Refurbished Products

Want to know more about refurbished products? Read our guide that covers everything you'll need to know!

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