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The Dualit GuaranteeUpdated a year ago

The Dualit Guarantee

Do you know that the majority of products that are returned have no fault found? There's usually something simple that can be done to fix any issues such as descaling, cleaning or replacing a fuse. It's always best to check the product instruction book before contacting us with an issue, as there may be a quick fix you can complete at home.

All Dualit appliances have been made with extreme care and are of excellent quality and construction. However, if any defects in materials, genuine manufacturing faults or defects in workmanship do appear during your guarantee period, we will, at our discretion, either repair or replace the defective parts free of charge. Subject to our terms and conditions listed below.

The Guarantee Period – 1 Year

Appliances bought directly from Dualit:

All Dualit appliances come with a hassle-free, one-year guarantee period. If replacement parts are fitted to the product this will not extend the period of the guarantee. The guarantee covers both parts and labour but carriage is not included.

Appliances bought from another retailer, store, website or marketplace:

If your product fails to operate properly within the one-year guarantee period, return the appliance to the retailer, store, website or marketplace from which it was purchased. It is principally the retailer's legal responsibility to assist in revolving any issue with the product within the full guarantee period. The guarantee covers both parts and labour but carriage is not included.


You can find Troubleshooting guidance for your product in the Instruction Booklet Alternatively, all product manuals can be found on our website, or our Customer Services team can talk you through troubleshooting.


We can supply or fit a selection of spare parts for a wide range of our products to increase the lifespan of the item.


Although all of our products are built to last, we are able to repair some of our appliances if something does go wrong.


If we are unable to repair your product, we will replace it for you.

What’s not covered?

There are, however, some circumstances in which Dualit's guarantee does not cover the repair or replacement of a machine. It does not cover liability in respect of or replacement of plugs, cables or fuses and also does not cover defects due to:

  • Failure to use product in accordance with Dualit's instructions - click on the product links below to a view helpful troubleshooting guides for your product
  • Failure to maintain product in accordance with Dualit's instructions for example, Coffee Machines must be regularly descaled
  • The product being connected to an unsuitable electricity supply
  • Accidental damage to or abuse or misuse of the product
  • Product modification except by Dualit or approved agent
  • Dismantling of or interference with the product
  • Theft or attempted theft of the product

The guarantee does not cover the cost of returning the product to the dealer from whom it was purchased, returning the product to Dualit or the cost of returning the product after repair.

Out of warranty repairs

If your appliance fails outside of the 1-year guarantee period, we will do our best to repair it for you, but the cost of repair and carriage will not be covered by Dualit.

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