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How to make a guarantee claimUpdated a year ago

How to Claim under Your Guarantee

Before returning any product under your guarantee, please check that:

  1. You have followed the product instructions correctly
  2. Your mains electricity supply is functional
  3. The defect is not due to a blown fuse
  4. You have followed any troubleshooting advice

If you still wish to claim under your guarantee you should:

  1. Contact Dualit's Customer Services Team on 01293 652500 (option 1)
  2. Send the product, postage or carriage paid, to the dealer from whom it was purchased or direct to Dualit
  3. Ensure the product is clean and packed carefully (preferably in its original carton)
  4. Enclose details of your name, address and telephone number and when and where the product was purchased, together with proof of purchase (e.g. a till receipt)
  5. Give exact details of the nature of the defect

For further advice contact our Customer Services team on [email protected] or visit www.dualit.com.

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