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How to buy the right commercial productUpdated a year ago


With nearly 70 years' experience manufacturing thoughtfully designed, well-engineered catering products, Dualit understands the needs of professional chefs, restaurants, cafés, pubs, bars, hotels and B&Bs, and has developed innovative products that can withstand the demands of a commercial environment. Since 1945, the catering industry has trusted Dualit to deliver great value through product performance and reliability. Rigorous testing and fully repairable and numerous replaceable parts ensure products are built to last a lifetime. Should a toaster element or timer switch eventually need replacing, or for any other queries, Dualit's in-house customer and repair service, based in West Sussex, is always on hand to help.


This pop-up toaster boasts a reassuring 7.5kg stainless steel body, which has been designed specifically for busy, commercial environments and can toast approximately 240 slices of bread per hour making it the perfect choice for self-service breakfast buffets, cafés, hotels, schools and business cafeterias. The independent dual slot controls allow two or four slots to be used at the same time, perfect for toasting different bread types, and the wide 30mm slots are great for thicker loaves. An intelligent browning system and spring-loaded slots ensure even and consistent toasting, whilst the pop-up feature and browning control (set once for repeat cycles) makes it virtually foolproof. Features replaceable Dualit ProHeat® elements. Control cover ideal for self-service areas is an optional extra.
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The Sandwich Toaster has been designed specifically to accommodate the included sandwich cages. Perfect for creating delicious, evenly toasted sandwiches, or bagels, buns, teacakes and English muffins. The sandwich cage, with heatproof handles and crumb catching tray, is designed to gently 'clamp' the sandwich or bread product, keeping it intact whilst both sides are toasted, and conveniently lays flat for easy sandwich assembling. The Sandwich Toaster is available with 2 or 4 extra-wide slots that can be operated individually for energy efficiency.


The Bun Toaster perfectly toasts one side of the bun whilst warming the other by heating the elements on each side of the slot to different temperatures. It is ideal for burger buns, hot cross buns, bagels, muffins and teacakes. Available in either 4 or 6 bun versions it takes bun halves up to 115mm in diameter and 28mm thick.

All iconic Dualit Classic Toasters feature timeless styling and are made of die cast aluminium and durable stainless steel. The mechanical timer allows toasting to perfection, while the removable crumb tray makes for easier cleaning, and an adjustable rear foot compensates for any uneven surfaces. Hand built in the UK, the Dualit Classic Bun Toaster and Sandwich Toaster feature replaceable Dualit ProHeat® elements. Designed for everyday, continual use, virtually every part of the Classic Toasters can be repaired if required.

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The 2 slice Conveyor Toaster works perfectly for larger catering establishments, producing up to 560 slices of white toast or 1,200 slices of thinner fruit loaf an hour. The Conveyor Toaster is versatile enough to toast bread as well as warm bagels/buns by switching off the top element. The Conveyor Toaster also features a toast ramp to ensure toast, bagels and buns are removed smoothly and an anti-tamper guard so the toast setting dial can't be changed in buffet service.

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Make up to 60 sealed toasted sandwiches per hour with this solid all metal contact toaster, which features deep mouldings and robust seals for generous fillings. The two hotplates can be operated individually to conserve energy and the high quality non-stick coating is easy to clean. Hand built in the UK.

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Prepare 60 perfectly dimpled waffles per hour in this heavy-gauge stainless steel waffle iron. Made from satin finish, top grade stainless steel, each plate has two layers of high quality non-stick coating. The two hotplates can be operated individually to conserve energy. Hand built in the UK.

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Contact grills play an essential part in the kitchen, useful throughout the day be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. The Dualit catering range features a thermostatically controlled temperature range of 50-300°C and is available in three sizes; large for individual portions, extra large - perfect for paninis, and a double grill for versatility. Each model features a flat base for faster cooking and a robust cast iron ridged plate with a sprung top plate for flexibility. Drip-proof buttons, a steel brush and a removable drip tray allow for easy cleaning.

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Available in three sizes to suit any location, all Dualit's soup kettles are fitted with long life heating elements, stainless steel inner liners and hinged removable lids. They are all repairable, as with all Dualit's catering products, with available spare parts. Perfect for keeping warm a wide range of dishes such as soup, sauces and chili con carne.

Dualit 6 Litre Catering Soup Kettle

This compact, contemporary wet-heat kettle is finished in stainless steel to look smart and elegant. With a 300W output and a capacity of 6L, this is an ideal choice for smaller catering operations.

Dualit 10 Litre Catering Soup Kettle

This hard-working 460W wet-heat soup kettle is perfect for all catering needs. The traditional cauldron shape constructed from a solid aluminium housing and durable powder coated steel finish looks equally good on show or behind the scenes.

Dualit 11 Litre Hotpot Soup Kettle

Hand built in the UK, this durable powder coated aluminium or copper finish soup kettle can be used with either wet or dry heat and incorporates a double pole variable simmer stat, solid die-cast aluminium housing and a stainless steel inner liner. A great front of house presenter as well as backroom workhorse, this soup kettle can also be used to keep a variety of much loved dishes including chilli con carne or mulled wine warm. Available in black, brown, white or copper. Display cards for recipes are also included.

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