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Hand Blender SupportUpdated a year ago


The hand blender does not turn on


1. The unit may not be properly connected to the power supply. 

Check the plug is in the socket and the switch in turned on.

2. The unit's thermal fuse may have activated, temporariily disabling it. 

This product is fitted with a resettable thermal cut-out and surge protection, if the hand blender does not turn on or the motor stops, the unit is not broken, stop, unplug, allow to cool and then restart.


The blender body gets hot


1. The unit may have been used for an extended period of time. 

Allow the unit to fully cool. Your hand blender is designed for intermittent use, the motor is very powerful, see operation and rest times below max loadings in this instruction book.

2. The unit may have been processing a heavy load. 

Some heat will be generated during normal use, particularly on very hot days, never leave to rest in direct sunlight.

3. The unit may have been left near a heat source. 

Store in a cool, dark place.


The mixture is not blending


1. You may have exceeded maximum volumes. 

Refer to max loadings chart (pg 14 of the instruction manual) and blend ingredients in smaller batches.

2. Ingredient chunks may be too large. 

The food chunks are too large, try chopping into smaller chunks and try again.

3. The speed of chopping may not be appropriate for the ingredients.

You are using the wrong speed selection, set to a slower speed, pulse and gradually increase mixer speed.

4. The blade may be damaged, contact Dualit for further advice and spares information.


I get splashes when I blend


The unit has very powerful blades and attachments which rotate very fast.

1. Dip the wand into the mixture before turning the power on.

2. Try using a deeper bowl or jug, even when blending small mixtures.

3. Set the speed wheel to a slower setting and then increase speed as you blend.

4. Do not go over the MAX mark on the sides of the wand while blending


How long is the powercord?


The powercord is 110cm long.

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