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Pop-Up Toasters - Be Aware Safety AdviceUpdated a year ago

Key Safety Information

Every time you use your toaster, make sure you follow these instructions!

The golden rule with appliances is to unplug when not in use. This is especially relevant to heat producing appliances such as toasters. Unplugging your toaster after use avoids any risk of fire caused by a faulty appliance or faulty electrics.

Did you know that all toasters sold in Europe and North America regardless of brand are classified as an 'Attended Appliance' by international approval bodies and the international safety standards which govern small electrical appliances including toasters?

An attended appliance such as a toaster, should not be left in operation without being supervised. Toasting bread is the process of applying heat to a combustible substance, so care and attention must always be taken when using your toaster. This applies to any make or model of toaster.

Not suitable for toasting

We don't recommend inserting a knife or any other object into your toaster, whether to clean it, remove a blockage or otherwise. Not only is there a good chance you will damage your toaster, but if switched on you also risk receiving a nasty electric shock!

There are many products advertised as being suitable for heating in toasters, but some we advise against using. Jam filled tarts, or anything with sugar coating should not be toasted. These ingredients can reach extremely high temperatures and risk starting a fire.

A safe place for your toaster

Toasters should always be situated in a ventilated area. Toasters are often situated under kitchen cupboard, however the build up of heat the toaster causes can get trapped and pose a potential fire risk. Dualit recommends that toasters shouldn't be kept under cupboards or shelves, or when in use, the should be placed away from the cupboard.

Of course we realise that toasters will be stored under cupboards in a large number of homes. However we do ask that the toaster is pulled forward away from the cupboard when used though. A large proportion of the heat generated will go straight up and that is not good for your cupboards or under cupboard light fittings. Also, if a fire were to occur, those flames will be in direct contact with your cupboards if the toaster were still positioned underneath.

Don't keep in a cupboard

As well as under cupboards, it is not advisable to store your toaster in an appliance garage or pantry-style cupboard, especially when in use, for the same reasons.

Away from water

Don't keep your toaster too close to any source of liquid. If an electrical appliance comes into contact with water, it could cause an electric shock when touched. Dualit recommends that a toaster - or any electrical appliance - should be sited at least 1.5 metres away from the sink where possible.

Keep the space clear

Make sure that there are no flammable materials, such as curtains or towels hanging near your toaster as they could easily catch alight. Placing or storing things on top of the toaster is also something to avoid.

How to clean your pop-up toaster safely

Can you remember the last time you cleaned your toaster? Toasters are one of the most regularly used appliances in our kitchens, often in daily use, so a regular clean will help to keep your toaster working well and looking good.

Remember: Always switch off and unplug your toaster before you clean it. If you have just been using your toaster, leave it to cool down before starting.

Empty your crumb tray

A full crumb tray can cause large bread crumbs to get stuck in your toaster and risk catching fire. It is vital to empty your crumb tray on a regular basis. All Dualit toasters have removable crumb tays to make cleaning easier. Any residue can be cleaned off with a soft cloth or pastry brush.

Avoid liquids

Never immerse your toaster in water or any other liquid. Likewise, don't use any chemicals or liquids to clean inside the toaster slots. We recommend using a soft brush to loosen any crumbs that are stuck so they fall to the crumb tray.

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