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Kettles - Be Aware Safety AdviceUpdated a year ago

Boiling water safely

Water and electricity are a dangerous combination; follow these tips to fill and boil your kettle safely.

If you're considering buying a new kettle, look out for those that offer boil-dry protection. This device will automatically switch off the kettle if there is not enough water inside. For more advice on what to consider when buying a kettle, read our buyer's guide.

When filling the kettle, open/remove the lid to fill- don't fill via the spout. Make sure the lid is fully closed before switching on and don't open or remove the lid while the kettle is boiling.

Never fill with water above the bottom of the 'MAX' marker on the kettle window. Overfilling could lead to boiling water spilling from the kettle and causing injury.

Take care when lifting the kettle to pour as the body will be hot. Keep the kettle and its power base away from the edges of worktops and where children can reach .

Where to keep your kettle

Finding a safe place to keep your kettle

  • Your kettle shouldn't be situated in a tray - always place your kettle directly on your work top
  • Kettles need ventilation, so don't keep yours in a pantry or cupboard
  • Kettles should be kept a safe distance away from heat sources, such as the hob and away from water.

Key Safety Advice

Important tips to follow every time you use your kettle

  • After using, turn off your kettle at the wall and unplug. This will avoid any risk of a fire that could be caused by a fault with the appliance or faulty electrics
  • If you notice an unusual smell or noise when your kettle is switched on, unplug immediately and call customer services
  • If you notice any cracks in the kettle, or any type of damage, do not use
  • Before cleaning your kettle, remember to switch off and unplug. If it has just been used, leave it to cool down first
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