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Coffee Machines - Be Aware Safety AdviceUpdated 10 months ago

Key Safety Information

Every time you use your coffee machine make sure you follow these instructions!

Always turn off and unplug your coffee maker after use. This avoids any potential fire risk caused by a faulty appliance or faulty electrics

If you ever notice a burning smell, or your coffee maker starts to make an unusual noise unplug it immediately

Never use your coffee maker if it is damaged or cracked

Before each use

Follow these steps to get your coffee machine ready to use.

Always unplug the coffee maker before filling the tank with water

Don't fill any coffee machine water tank with sparkling, hot or boiling water

With any coffee maker or accessory, don't fill the water tank or main unit past the 'MAX' indicator

Where should your coffee machine live?

When you're deciding the best place to keep your coffee machine, bear these factors in mind.

  • Don't site near sources of heat or water
  • Only use on a stable, level, heat resistant surface
  • Don't place in a tray

Cleaning your coffee machine

Keeping your coffee machine clean is vital to keep it working safely, correctly and to help prolong it's life.

Before cleaning, always remember to unplug your coffee machine and allow it to cool down

Never immerse the machine in water to clean; this could cause permanent damage

If your coffee machine has a steam wand, rinse it through and wipe down after every use to avoid it becoming blocked with limescale or milk residue

Descale your coffee machine at least once a month in hard water areas or with daily use, or once every two months for soft water areas or when used less regularly (e.g. only on weekends or evenings).

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